Dog Bar Pottery

Poviding wood fired pottery
to the ceramic community since 1992

Dog Bar Pottery
35  Perry  Hill  Road  Ext.   
Westhampton, Massachusetts 01027
Telephone: (413) 320-6283
The wood fired and salt glazed finishes are durable, long lasting and dish-washer safe. Our pottery is hand made and wheel thrown, made from stoneware and porcelain clay.HomeAboutPotteryKilnPicture
Dog Bar Pottery

35 Perry Hill Rd. Ext. Westhampton, MA 01027    No. 1, Spring 2001

3rd Annual Motherís Day Sale

Sat., May 12 & Sun., May 13---9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
35 Perry Hill Road Ext., Westhampton, MA-1 (413) 527-4410 

Once again some of New Englandís finest artists will be coming to the Dog Bar Pottery in Westhampton, MA. Join us to celebrate spring, functional pottery, transformational paintings, practical sculpture and beautiful art. The yearís featured artists will include

         Boss & Brown [ pillows and clocks have been making art together for longer than most of us have been born. They combine words and images that are familiar, original and iconoclastic.

         Tracey and Rob Logan  [ painting and ceramics hail from Braces Cove in Gloucester, MA. From there they tour the world, creating art, painting, sculpting, installing, 24/7 wherever they happen to be. They will be here for the big weekend.

         Mark Shapiro [ wood fired pottery comes from Worthington, MA where he lords over Stonepool Pottery, a wood firing empire. Most recently Mark had one of his pieces added to the permanent collection of the Renwick Museum in Washington, D.C.

         Sam Taylor [ wood fired pottery is the owner operator and Dog Bar Pottery will be your host for the weekend. In addition to making functional wood fired pottery, he is a father to three boys: Emmett 6 yrs., Zeb 3 yrs. And Mason 9 months.

We will transform our home once again into an art event. With three indoor galleries and the great outdoors, there is sure to be something for everyone

Summer '01 Workshops

Dog Bar Pottery will be taking the show on the road this summer at two great area craft centers.

Worcester (MA) Center for Crafts; July 14, 15, 21;
(508) 753-8183 ext. 5107

Mudpie Pie Potters (Leverett, MA); Aug 4, 5; (413) 548-3939

Outside, Looking In

By Carol Lollis, wife & mom

I know Iím not that far outside but I often feel as though I am looking in on the Pottery.

Let me explain. I have gotten very used to watching the cycles and anticipating the moods that come with the life style of potter.

The down cycle starts right after the firing. Slowly the kiln cools, Sam rests, the house gets cleaned, our family life reclaimed. The next couple of weeks are filled with lots of co-parenting, dinners made when I get home and the house hold running like a well oiled machine.

Then gently I start nudging him towards the studio and he slowly begins the motions. The studio gets cleaned, tools put in order and clay readied, but mainly he wanders in circles aggravated with the need to start from nothing again.

Then as if it has never stopped things are going full force. Every extra moment is spent with the pottery, shaping, working out kinks, trimming, seeing, and making. He goes to bed late, gets up early, time goes by faster faster, until our date night. We rent a movie. I curl up on the bed and make wads while he sits in the chair and makes cone packs. It is much needed down time. Next the troops start trickling in, they load the kiln, food gets made, and play mixes with work. That is the firing. Wham, finished and it starts all over again.

Directions From Interstate Route 91, Take Exit 18 To Downtown Northampton. Turn Left onto 9W(Main St.). At The Smith College gates take left fork onto Route 66. Follow for 8 miles to Outlook Farm. Turn right onto Southampton Rd. Follow Southampton Rd., (which becomes Perry Hill Rd) to the third stop sign. Turn left on Kingís Highway. After ľ mile turn take first left onto Perry Hill Rd Ext. Dog Bar Pottery is the first house you will come to. Welcome. Telephone (413) 527-4410